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About Decopaper

Decopaper consists of various Decorative paper patterns: Marbles color series, Woodgrain color series, etc.

Decopaper Advantages

Anti scratch

Water resistance

Resistance to Alcohol

About Other Brands

Flooring with click system is easy to lay; no adhesive required. Suitable for use in all areas in the home except for high-humidity areas.
Suitable for use with floor heating

Decofoil consists of various foil paper patterns :
Solid series, Woodgrain/Stone series, Linen series, Leather series, Steel series & Customized Pattern.

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Decoedge comprises various patterns of edge banding; from solid color series to woodgrain color series, which you could choose to suffice to your interior likings.

First Adhesive PVC Interior Film in Indonesia! Easy and glue-free installation make KERTASIVE a well-known brand in Indonesia.

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